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Play School @ Pammal
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Play School in Pammal

Little Flowers Play School is one Best Play School in Pammal. We Make your child "GENIUS" and Improves Concentration, Creativity, Memory, Self - Confidence. play school had given a lot of memories and a lot of care on each child.

Its a trusted place, to leave our child, not only to kids and also momies too have lot of useful tips from her regarding health,wealth and kids studies.etc. We addresses the child directly and personally into this relationship are woven the stories, songs and activities. Education can be transformed only by educating the educator, and not merely creating a new pattern, a new system of action. "Around this challenge for transformation, the programs provide a variety of settings and opportunities to grapple with concrete educational issues and questions."

We are step into 12th Year.        Our Second branch inaugurated in Pammal.        Excellent Staff.        Clean and Hygienic Infrastructure.

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